Another Bob Ross Video

Bob Ross

I decided to try another Bob Ross video. I had started this whole adventure because of a Bob Ross video and I had not done another one since I got all of my oil paints.

The full length videos are on this web site. The website itself is not in english, but the videos are.

Now is a good time to tell you about Turpentine, it smells God aweful.  Do not buy turpentine at the hardware store.  Up until this point I had been working outside, but I decided to do this video inside.  I setup my little studio in our back room, which opens to the living room.  Even with all of the window open, Joe and I were nauseated.

My second, Bob Ross painting (first using oil) came out much better.  You can follow his blending techniques with the oil paint.  I could not with Acrylic because it dried to fast. I also learned, that if you rinse your brush in turpentine, you better dry it real well or get another brush.  A brush that is moist with turp will take the paint right off the canvas!

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