Beginning Oil Painting


For a long time I have been trying to find a medium to express myself. I am a professional web and graphic designer, but I want a real way to show my creativity. Something that you can touch with your hands not on a computer screen.

I started with glass, painting glass with acrylic paint. Picking up old vases and pint glasses at the dump swap shop to practice on. Come to find out it is very hard to paint on a surface that is not flat. Also, you need to bake the glassware for the paint to set. With wine glasses, Christmas tree balls and bud vases, that ended in a lot of broken glass. Special glass paint that claims to be dish washer safe is NOT. A few of these masterpiece simply washed away.

Moving on, knitting! I was very excited to create something I could wear. My mother knows how to knit, so I recruited her to teach me. I bought all different colors of yarn and researched patterns online. My mom taught me the most basic stitch. After hours and hours of stitching, I had a square about the size of a pot holder. Trust me when I tell you that knitting is by far the most boring hobby anyone could possibly pick up.

Then recently my husband, Joe, brought home some canvases. He said he found some full length Bob Ross videos online and he wanted to try them out. With all of the left over acrylic paint we had from my glass experiment, we spent a day with Bob Ross. It was so much fun, our paintings were bad. Shortly after, this became a full-on obsession for me.

I told Joe, we are using the wrong paint, we need oils. I went out and bought some. I got some turpentine at the hardware store and expensive hog bristle brushes. When I first touched the new paints to the paper, it felt very strange. I didn’t know what to do. The paint was so thick and it globbed on to the brush and the paper. They only way to describe it was like painting with vaseline.

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