Trip to the Art Academy Store


After my experience with the Turpentine, I decided to take a trip to the Art store in Peterborough.  If I want to continue painting, I need to get some odorless turpentine.  The turp was good for my diet (you can’t possible eating anything when your hand stink like that), but Joe was getting sick of it.

The Art Academy Store was like an artist’s candy land, I bought some new brushes, citrus scented solvent, and a special can to clean my brushes.  This is turning into a very expensive hobby.  A very nice woman with a heavy German accent answered all my questions and told me about different types of solvents and oil paints.  I was tempted to buy a ton of new paint, but I restrained myself.  I already have plenty of cheap paints from the Job Lot.  I will continue to use those until I am worthy of expensive walnut oil paints.

I asked about classes, but they only teach acrylic.  Maybe I chose the wrong medium, but I like where I’m headed.  I don’t want to turn back now.  I’m sure I will be returning to this store many times in the future.

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